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Elevate your performance and leadership.

"Effective leaders take their professional development seriously. Start your learning pathway with zero fluff and zero filler."
- Angel Reyes DrPH (s), MPH
Highly Trained and Educated.
Military Leadership.
Non-Profit Board Experience.
Experienced Teacher.
Experienced Strength Coach.
Program Designer and Evaluator.

Why work with Angel?

I created Sub-Thesis to share all of the training that I have accumulated beginning in my first role in teaching in 2008. As my future develops and the world's technology changes, I will renovate my coursework for the modern world. Whether, you are just beginning or have experience in a particular domain, I will push you to the next level. I will provide you opportunities to take it to the next level, and position yourself as the coveted "Subject Matter Expert".

Choosing to work with other course providers like "EdX" or "Coursera" may be great for theoretical knowledge; however, it may lack application.

I help you not only learn, but apply the lessons in your actual life or business ventures.

Apply your knowledge

I will teach and guide you on how to use problem definition, and map out a course of action.

Because you are being taught a process of thinking, you can apply this to almost every problem you encounter.

Trusting my process allows you to solve problems fast and effective.

Learn my process

Because I have been teaching since 2008, you gain a wealth of wisdom and formal education collected from the real world and graduate school.

This means that you obtain the best of both worlds to inject your system with knowledge and experience reducing the time it takes to learn.

With all of the additional time in your life, what are you planning to do with it?

effective learning

What features do I receive?

Online Coursework.
You get access to courses designed with high standards.
Digital Templates.
You get access to the same templates I use.
You get access to webinars focused on leadership and management.
You get access to webinars focused on leadership and management.
Digital Products.
You get access to books and my recommended learning material.
You get access to my knowledge and experience.
Start Learning

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