Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Please take the necessary time to read and understand this document. By engaging with the Subthesis website and/or mobile application, you are agreeing to abide and support both the privacy policy and terms of conditions. It is important to recognize that you ( The reader and website / mobile user) do not need to use Subthesis, and that your autonomy and choice is always respected. Lastly, Subthesis may update or develop new policies surrounding the use of your personal data. It is your duty to check the updated and developed policies when notified. Again, you do not need to use anything produced by Subthesis, so if you do not agree with this document, then you may not engage in any capacity with Subthesis. If you wish to contact Subthesis about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions, then please email

Data Analytics

Visitors, whether or logged in or not will contribute to Subthesis' website and/or mobile analytics tracker. The purpose of this analytics (Google Search Console) is to better understand the performance Subthesis. It is not the goal of the analytics to track your personal behavior on the website or mobile application. The goal is expressly only to perform maintenance or develop Subthesis. It is the visitor's responsibility to understand that their browser may automatically accept the use of "Cookies", so it should be the visitor or user's responsibility to ensure that they use a browser that requests the acceptance or declination of "Cookies".

Data Collection

Personal data is collected from your registration form, and inputed into your account. Additional data that you submit is of your own free will. Subthesis defines personal data as information that can be linked to you. It is important to reiterate that you do not need use Sub Thesis, and that your choice to stop will be respected.

Breach of Data

Subthesis takes steps to prevent data breaches; however, nothing is guaranteed. There are no guarantees when it comes to completely mitigating the risk of a data breach. By using Subthesis' website and/or mobile application, then you are agreeing to the risk associated with handling data.

Use of Data

Subthesis will use your data in an aggregated form. Aggregated form is defined as non-singular case data of the website or mobile application user. The purpose of aggregated data is to mitigate the risk of individuals discovering individual information from the larger sum of data. Subthesis may share this aggregated data on the internet or through research. Subthesis will do their best efforts to keep you reminded and informed about our privacy policy and terms of conditions. If you do not agree with this, then please do not use services brought to you by Subthesis.

User Responsibility

It is the user's responsibility to protect their own profile's security from malicious intent. It is important that you protect your own profile's log-in information, and that you do not share it with anyone other than yourself. Sharing your information with others may open your profile to a breach of data. Subthesis does not hold any liability for a data breach or synonymous term to describe a databreach because you have expressly released any liability that would result in a negative impact (See Below).

Data Deletion

If you decide to stop using Subthesis, then your account data may remain in the database on Subthesis. The duration of how long your data will remain in the database will depend on various factors. By using any service or product from Subthesis, you accept and agree to being fully aware that it is unclear how long it will take to delete your account from the database. Lastly, there is no obligation to retain your information, and deleting your account may result in you having to restart another profile should you decide to use the services again. Again, Subthesis is not held liable (See Below) as using the services has released Subthesis from any and all liabilities that would result in any negative impact no matter how miniscule or small.

Terms of Conditions / Use

Again, you do not need to use any products of services from Subthesis. Because you are choosing to engage with Subthesis, you are also agreeing to Subthesis from any and all liabilities that would negatively impact Subthesis. Liabilities include, but are not limited to: Claims, law-suits, harm, penalties, damages, controversies, loss, and penalties. Secondly, Subthesis cannot be held responsible for third-party links. The choice to use Subthesis' website and/or mobile application is completely yours, and your decision to do so releases any liability that would negatively impact Subthesis.

Terms of Sale

Again, you do not need to use any products of services from Subthesis. Because you are choosing to procure services or products from Subthesis, you are acknowledging that there is no liability held to Subthesis for the information presented. Again, you are removing any liability that Subthesis may or may not hold in your personal case or another case you may be in charge of. All sales are final, and provide no case for a refund. This is because all sales are digital products, which allow the purchaser or user to keep indefinitely at their own discretion.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page. Please remember that Subthesis is not liable for any damage or misinformation from the use of the information presented by Subthesis. Lastly, you do not need to use any service and/or product of Subthesis because it is a personal choice to do so.